Panhandle Artisan Bread at the market.

2015-16 Winter Market Registration Open

Sign-up now to sell this season.

Winter Market Season:

November 7, 2015
November 14, 2015
December 5, 2015
December 12, 2015
February 6, 2016
March 5, 2016

The eleventh season of the Winter Market, brought to you by Heart of the Arts, Inc., is now open to receive registrations from interested vendors. Original works, hand crafted items or locally produced perishables may be sold at the Winter Market. As this is a market place, items must be available for sale or special order. Information tables will not be included in the limited space of the market place.

Individuals who wish to be a part of this market season should read over the conditions of participation and then fill out the registration form provided and ALSO send an email to the 1912 Center with photos of the work letting us know that you have registered so that we can check to see that it came thorough. Include all the dates you are interested in selling at and after we jury the participants to ensure balanced and diverse market participation, we will let you know what markets you got into and you'll be sent an invoice and sales tax form for those markets.

Please click the link below (or click on Winter Market in the side bar) to learn more and to register for 2015-16 season:

Winter Market Vendor Sign-up Information

More questions about the Winter Market? Please contact Jenny Kostroff in the 1912 Center/HAI office at (208) 669-2249 or e-mail the 1912 Center at 1912Center@gmail.com and your question will be answered by the end of the next business day.

We look forward to working with you at the markets!

North Cascades Diablo Lake, WA

Photos of the Pacific Northwest

The work of Niels Nielsen
Now in the Hallway Gallery

We are very happy to be hosting the beautiful photographs of artist Niels Nielsen in the hallway gallery of the 1912 Center now through the end of November. All of his work is for sale and Heart of the Arts, Inc. can sell it to you in the managment office. Purchased work will be able to be taken home when the show comes down, just before Thanksgiving.

We hope you will be able to stop by and see the new pieces in person and see if you recognize where in the Pacific Northwest the work comes from.

It is not easy being green.

Call to Artists

Make art for February's
Community Art Show.

The next community art show at the 1912 Center will open the first Friday in February. And while that may seem far off now, it will sneak up on us. So to give all the creative types something fun to think about and create around over the next few months, we are sharing the theme for the art show now.

The show called "Mixed Greens" will feature work from members of our community on that theme. In the winter, during the gray and white days, we need a bit of green to enjoy. However, we also challenge you to think beyond the color green itself. Green is new, jealous, sick or money. Green is shamrocks for luck, rolling hills of the Palouse and someone who does good for the environment. This theme will be a fun one for the artist community to imagine and we will get a fun show to enjoy in February and March of 2016. So have at it! Work will be received at the 1912 Center on Monday, February 1, 2016.

"Carl" by Thad Froio

Still Looking For Carl

We are heartbroken to report that Carl, who is pictured here, was stolen from the walls of the hallway art gallery at the 1912 Center during our last art show "Etcetera..." and is still missing. We continue to need your help to find him and get him back to the 1912 Center and ultimately the artist, Thad Froio. This piece was not for sale by the artist and the theft on April 23rd has created quite a stir in the community.

Carl is a chalk and charcoal drawing done on a cardboard box. He would be easily hidden because simply by folding the work in half it would look like an ordinary flattened cardboard box.

We want the work of our artists to be treated with respect. If you know any thing about this theft, please let the Moscow Police Dpeartment know or contact the 1912 Center office at (208) 669-2249. We appreciate the help finding Carl.

Idaho Heritage Trust Thanks

In January 2015, we received grant funds from Idaho Heritage Trust for the work that we have done on the west end balustrade. This repair put the pieces of terracotta railing back in place above the entry door on that side. Pioneer Waterproofing did a wonderful job and the balustrade looks as it did in 1912 when it was first installed.

Visit their website at www.idahoheritage.org to see what other great work the trust is doing around the state. You can also look at the page they have set up for the 1912 Center here. Please join us in thanking the grants committee with Idaho Heritage Trust for this wonderful support for our work in restoring the 1912 Center for the community. It is greatly appreciated.

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