"Mixed Greens" by Larry Sousa

Call to Artists

Make art for February's
Community Art Show.

Now is the time to make art for the next community art show at the 1912 Center set to open the first Friday in February. All ages are encouraged to create a piece on the theme and bring it to the 1912 Center on Monday, February 1st. The art should be ready to hang on the wall. (Although there is limited amount of display case room as well for a 3D piece.)

The show called "Mixed Greens" will feature work from members of our community. In the winter, during the gray and white days, we need a bit of green to enjoy. However, we also challenge you to think beyond the color green itself. Green is new, jealous, sick or money. Green is shamrocks for luck, rolling hills of the Palouse and someone who does good for the environment. This theme will be a fun one for the artist community to imagine and we will get a great show to enjoy in the hallway in February and March. So have at it!

Work will be received at the 1912 Center on Monday, February 1, 2016 in the office inside the Senior Center from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Feel free to contact the office at (208) 669-2249 with any questions.

Then put Friday, February 5th on your calendar for the opening party from 5 to 7 p.m.! We will vote on the community favorites to award them some green (cash) prizes and then toast the fine work with a 7up or vihno verde and eat a delicious green salad with green goddess dressing and green M & M's! A family friendly event for the entire community to celebrate art. Hope to see you there!

Winter Market sign on Third St.

2015-16 Winter Market

The market continues on February 6th.

Remaining Dates of the Season:

February 6, 2016
March 5, 2016

The eleventh season of the Winter Market, brought to you by Heart of the Arts, Inc., is now underway. Original works, hand crafted items and locally produced perishables are sold by more than thirty vendors at each Winter Market. Lunch is also available for sale by MELA.

Individuals who wish to sell with use this market season should read over the conditions of participation and then fill out the registration form provided and ALSO send an email to the 1912 Center with photos of the work letting us know that you have registered so that we can check to see that it came thorough. Include all the dates you are interested in selling at and after we jury the participants to ensure balanced and diverse market participation, we will let you know what markets you got into and you'll be sent an invoice and sales tax form for those markets. As this is a market place, items must be available for sale or special order. Information tables will not be included in the limited space of the market place. This is also a great way to get on our email list to get information about next season's registration process.

Please click the link below (or click on Winter Market in the side bar) to learn more and to register:

Winter Market Vendor Sign-up Information

More questions about the Winter Market? Please contact Jenny Kostroff in the 1912 Center/HAI office at (208) 669-2249 or e-mail the 1912 Center at 1912Center@gmail.com and your question will be answered by the end of the next business day.

We look forward to seeing you at the markets!

Tax-Aide Begins in February

Get free help with your taxes
Wednesdays and Fridays.

Volunteers with the AARP Foundation/Tax-Aide Program will be available to prepare tax returns free of charge beginning on Wednesday, February 3 on a first-come, first-served basis. Program hours are 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays through tax season. Tax help is usually located in the Great Room at the 1912 Center but is occasionally moved due to room conflicts to the Arts Workshop or Fiske Rooms. Help continues until Friday, April 15th.

No appointments are available so do expect some waiting. The AARP Tax-Aide volunteers prepare returns for low to middle income taxpayers of all ages with an emphasis on those who are 60 and older. The IRS and AARP sponsor this program. Please bring a copy of last year's tax return, all tax documents, driver's license and a social security card for yourself and all your dependents.

Need more information in advance? Please contact Randy Baukol at (208) 882-5406 or by email at rvbaukol@gmail.com.

"Carl" by Thad Froio

Still Looking For Carl

We are heartbroken to report that Carl, who is pictured here, was stolen from the walls of the hallway art gallery at the 1912 Center during our art show "Etcetera..." last April and is still missing. We continue to need your help to find him and get him back to the 1912 Center and ultimately the artist, Thad Froio. This piece was not for sale by the artist and the theft on April 23rd has created quite a stir in the community.

Carl is a chalk and charcoal drawing done on a cardboard box. He would be easily hidden because simply by folding the work in half it would look like an ordinary flattened cardboard box.

We want the work of our artists to be treated with respect. If you know any thing about this theft, please let the Moscow Police Dpeartment know or contact the 1912 Center office at (208) 669-2249. We appreciate the help finding Carl.

2016 Plans at the 1912 Center

There is a lot of excitement at the 1912 Center these days. We cannot wait for better weather to continue the restoration and repair work on the front (or south) side of the building. And included in that work will be the replacement of 32 windows. The final effect will be very dramatic and we are excited to share that with the community, without whom this work would not be possible.

In addition to the work on the building, this year Heart of the Arts, Inc. will be installing proper signage on the property in the form of a moument sign. This sign will be designed by a mosaic artist and will be installed on the south west corner of the property by the end of the summer. Already several grantors have helped to make this monument sign possible. Please join us in thanking the grants committees of the Latah County Community Foundation, the Moscow Food Co-op and Tri-State Distributors for the wonderful support for our work to identify the 1912 Center building for the community. The sign will make a huge difference to those who have yet to visit to know that it is not the Moscow High School (our neighbor across the street). This financial support is greatly appreciated.

You too can help us raise the remaining $30K needed to complete the window project out front. All levels of giving from $19.12 on up through the end of 2016 will be recorded on our exterior building donor artwork to be installed in 2017 in the east hallway. We want to add your name! Please get in touch or make a donation online below, care of Razoo. Thank you!

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