Heart of the Arts, Inc. (HAI)
Founded in December 2002 to develop and fund artistic and cultural programs, using the 1912 Center as the heart of that development, Heart of the Arts, Inc. is the non-profit company selected by the City of Moscow to run, maintain and grow the 1912 Center. HAI took over operations on May 1, 2007 and entered into the first part of the renewal term with the City in October 2011 and the second part in October 2016.

Enriching lives and creating community by operating and restoring the 1912 Center.

To that end, we:
  • Provide space and programs that welcome the greater Moscow community, residents and non-residents a like.
  • Foster connections between the community and various art forms.
  • Unite the community across the lines of age, race, gender and economics.
  • Give visibility to the history of this community.
  • Nurture new programs and organizations to meet emerging community needs.

Board of Directors
Sandra Kelly, President
David Harlan, Vice President
Mary Packer, Treasurer
Duncan Palmatier, Secretary
Ben Aiman, Director
Sally Amador, Director
Stephanie Clarkson, Director
Stacy Isenbarger, Director
Stephen Locker, Director
Kim Pedersen, Director
Melissa Rockwood, Director
John Stoops, Director
Rebecca Tallent, Director

Jenny Kostroff, Executive Director
Mina Ashkannejhad, Special Projects
Karina Kramer, Building Supervisor
Alexia Peck, Building Supervisor
Laurel Hicke, Event Coordinator
Ajay Klas, Event Coordinator
Kira Vierling, Event Coordinator
Sam Warner, Event Coordinator
Ben Lucas and Alli Jackson, Custodians

1912 Center
Located at 412 East 3rd Street, the former Moscow High School, built in 1912, is a three-story, 30,000 square foot building located on the edge of an historic residential neighborhood, three blocks from the City's commercial core. It is an excellent example of classical style architecture built during the Progressive School Era, with classic details in brick and white terra cotta that are unique to the area.

This landmark is the home of Moscow's first multigenerational, multipurpose community center. The 1912 Center was purchased from the school district by the City of Moscow in 1997 from funds donated entirely by private citizens. Phase I of the project (Great Room, Kitchen and Pall Plaza) opened to the public in October 2001. Phase II (Senior Center and Friendship Hall) opened in June of 2002.

The West Wing project, approved by City Council on December 3, 2007 was opened to the public for use in November of 2008. This project added a public meeting space (The Fiske Room), an arts workshop and a dressing room/restroom to the existing spaces in the facility. For more information about these spaces, or to get involved with future renovation projects, contact Heart of the Arts, Inc. anytime at (208) 669-2249.


Heart of the Arts, Inc. (HAI) Enriching lives and creating community by operating and restoring the 1912 Center.


1912 Center is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
412 East Third Street * Moscow, ID 83843 * (208) 669-2249
Located between Adams & Van Buren
Just three blocks up from downtown on Third Street, across from Moscow High School

Please walk, bike, carpool or use the bus to come to the 1912 Center as parking is limited.
Also, be considerate of our neighbors and do not block their driveways.

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